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Jan Nálepa: The Score
During the the Multiplace Festival 2011, there were several “remakes” presented in Enter Gallery in Bratislava. One of these pieces, created specially for the festival, was The Score by young Czech artist Jan Nálepa. The Score is an audio-visual spatial installation which recycles works of art dealing with alternative graphical depiction of music composition. Selected scores are digitized and transformed into sounds in the computer program, and then are both images and sounds distributed in the gallery space.

Ondřej Merta: Event Horizont, Václav Peloušek: Drawing Machine 02
There was also an artist duo from Brno – Ondřej Merta and Vašek Peloušek presented in the Multiplace exhibition, this time by two separated works. Dataflow from the Multiplace web-site was visualised by a Peloušek’s Drawing Machine 02, which gave tribute to Václav Jíra – one of the pioneers of Czech kinetic trash sculptures. Merta’s installation Event Horizont was a closed video-circuit displayed on two TV sets, which referred to Nam June Paik’s work TV Buddha or video-works by Polish artist Jozef Robakowski.

David Strang, Vincent Van Uffelen: Re-Paik Workshop
Another piece of Nam June Paik – an installation Random Access, was remade during the Re-Paik workshop led by artists David Strang and Vincent Van Uffelen. Kilometres of strips from eviscerated magnetic tape became a new material for installations and audio machines. Unlike the original artwork, it did not depend only on the audience decision how was the network of strips of magnetic tapes played. The final installation and performance was influenced by various new factors and technologies.

Palma, Drakh: Sykora Beat
Another project which replied to Multiplace Call for projects was a performance by two artists – Palma and Drakh. System constructed by Palma in which the drums operate the video-projection served this time as a tool to remake a piece by a Czechoslovakian computer-art pioneer Zdeněk Sýkora. Abstract, computer-generated structures from his paintings were re-generated in a medium of live visuals following a drum solo.

Tač.ka (BIH) group of visual artists, uses various communication technologies for social and institutional critique. They will contribute to this year’s theme “Remake” with their “This is not a remake / There are no Bosnian-Herzegovinian new-media art pioneers”.

Standuino, 4th May 2011, 4AM Media Lab, Brno
Standuino workshop is the first in a series Arduino clone workshops, adapted to the needs and budgets of (mainly Czech) DIY electronic equipment enthusiasts. The workshop will produce Standuino and will teach the basics of working with this platform. The result will be a simple yet good sounding synthesizer. Standuino's Digital son was born in January 2012.
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Re:make 3/4 27-28
Re:make 3/4 27-28
4/4 27-28
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Re:make 3/4 27-28
Re:make 3/4 27-28
4/4 27-28
Hľadáme zmysel / Marek Adamov / Kultúrny projekt-priestor Stanica Žilina-Záriečie 21-22
Môžeš ležať na deke / Magdaléna Kobzová / Letné dielne 21-22
Člověk si musí všechno vybojovat / Lenka Zogatová 21-22
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